Your needs


Because every company is unique, with constantly changing needs and strategies as they grow and throughout their economic life.

Qualacs offers a varied and comprehensive range covering all the quality management needs of a company.


These parameterisable and modular solutions are available with a range of services guaranteeing companies personalised support for their quality project and/or procedure.

We support, advise, monitor and train companies of all sizes in their quality approach.


Flexible and modular solutions for your company’s needs

Qualacs provides flexible and modular solutions to meet your company’s needs:


You want:

  • to obtain certification
  • to comply with the regulations
  • to put in place, improve, simplify your quality system
  • to train your staff and increase their awareness
  • to draft specifications, technical data sheets, official documents, etc.
  • to have support for your R&D projects
  • to outsource your quality activities
  • to carry out your bacteriological, physical-chemical, nutritional and sensory analyses.


We provide:

  • a performance undertaking
  • the implementation of an effective, efficient system
  • the outside view of a competent and experienced professional
  • the creation of specific supports to meet your needs
  • total confidentially
  • fulfilment of our commitments
  • services adapted to your needs.



Need a quality manager?

  • Preparing for a certification audit: IFS, BRC, ISO22000, ISO9001, self-monitoring guide
  • Simplifying your quality system
  • Implementing traceability
  • Carrying out internal audits.


Need an outsourced quality manager?

  • You want to replace a member of staff quickly (someone is leaving the company, changing jobs, on sick leave or maternity leave, etc.)
  • You do not want to use your internal resources and prefer to focus your efforts on your core business
  • You need to put in place a progress procedure but the budget for a consultant would be too high
  • No-one in the company can put into practise the advice given by the consultant (lack of time or competence)
  • You want to introduce the QSE functions but have no clear idea of how to approach this project
  • You do not want to take on a new member of staff directly (budget, time needed, risk of selecting the wrong candidate, etc.)
  • You would like flexible mechanism
  • You prefer to call on an external specialist
  • You do not need a full-time member of staff and employing a part-timer worker involves too many constraints (administrative complexity, profile available, confidentiality, difficulty of reaching agreement with the staff member’s other employers, etc.